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The Origin Series of subwoofers were designed with the core principles of efficiency, sound quality, and durability. Structured with neodymium magnets, rest assured, this series of subwoofers is built on the strongest of motors. Using a 2.5" round aluminum wire voice coil wound on a Kapton former allows for maximum motor force while reducing induction and keeping the moving parts of the woofer light. The spider is crafted from Nomex and is tuned with the stiffness needed for SPL but light enough to reproduce excellent sound quality and keep the FS of the subwoofer low. A paper cone stitched to a SPL style surround offers maximum excursion while maintaining linearity of the soft parts. Dual leads stitched to the spider mated with 4 gauge terminals support durability, allowing true power to be applied to this subwoofer without any sacrifices. Weighing in at only 28 lbs.

Thiele Small Perameters:

Model 15" D2 15" D4
RMS POWER (watts) 750 750
FS (HZ) 43.739 39.029
VAS (L) 49.344 62.666
RE (Ohms) 3.935 6.5617
QMS 10.088 9.6371
QES 0.45449 0.45513
QTS 0.43489 0.43461
LE (Mh 1k Hz) 5.8923 8.7572
MMS (Grams) 259.74 256.87
CMS (mm/N) 0.051 0.065
SD (sq m) 0.083019 0.083019
SPL (1W/1m) 91.476 91.024
BL (N/amp) 24.86 30.135
XMAX (mm) 24 24
(BL^2)/RE 157.05707 138.39679


Enclosure Recommendations: 

Model 15"
Volume (ft^3) 3-5
Port Tuning (HZ) 26-34
Port Area (in^2 per Ft^3) 16
Displacement (ft^3)